Approximate potential of the dividend yield on 11.12.2016: Geological Survey: 0.82%    Black Metallurgy: 0.9%    Shipbuilding: 1.55%    Oil Industry: 1.22%    Oil and Gas Extraction: 1.95%                 Income for 27.11.2015: Geological Survey: 0.7% Black Metallurgy: 0.85% Shipbuilding: 1.7% Oil Industry: 1.9% Oil and Gas Extraction: 1.1%

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Shareholder IC

Shares of the Shareholder Investment Corporation

Shareholder Investment Corporation gives shares of own companies to the trust management for a certain term
Geological Survey
Daily interest
0.7 – 1.3%
month ≈ 30%
12 months ≈ 365%
Minimum: $30
Maximum: $2,100
Black Metallurgy
Daily interest
0.85 – 1.5%
month ≈ 33%
12 months ≈ 396%
Minimum: $300
Maximum: $6,000
Daily interest
1 – 1.7%
month ≈ 43%
10 months ≈ 430%
Minimum: $500
Maximum: $20,000
Oil industry
Daily interest
1.05 – 1.9%
month ≈ 50%
9 months ≈ 450%
Minimum: $1,000
Maximum: $40,000
Oil and gas extraction
Daily interest
1.1 – 2.2%
month ≈ 59%
8 months of ≈ 472%
Minimum: $2,000
Maximum: $100,000

The Press about Us
About the company
Shareholder Investment Corporation – an official Dutch company with an advanced production in the country’s leading industries: black metallurgy, shipbuilding, oil industry, survey and exploration of oil and gas deposits, as well their extraction and sale. The corporation numbers over 20 companies, ventures, manufactures and branches in. Shareholder IC stands for fine, efficient production, 11 years of experience in the world market, close partnership with famous Dutch and foreign companies, high-quality raw materials, professionalism, and excellent produce for import and export. In 2015, due to the changes in the international system of taxation and the tax increase on international agreements for companies, holdings and corporations, Shareholder Investment Corporation has been officially re-registered and obtained the status of an offshore company in Seychelles, opening a new, promising movement – working with individuals, making an emphasis on the development of small businesses. Now the company assets can be obtained not only by giant companies, firms and factories, but also independent individuals. The website contains not only the description of the company’s activity, but also the documents to help you familiarise yourself with it. The Shareholder Investment Corporation’s registration number is 169852.
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Technical support

Round-the-clock, professional technical support will assist you at any time. Online 24/7, they are prepared to help you solve any arising issues and answer all your questions


Security from external threats and attacks, including hacking: sniffers, Trojans and spyware, rootkits, packet sniffing, IP-spoofing, Man-in-the-Middle and other threats


Complete secrecy of your personal data. Absolute confidentiality is ensured. Your data is not transferred to the tax authorities, police or other government institutions.

Bonus program

The company creates favourable conditions for the development and partnership with active partners: bonuses, stocks, special offers, rewards – only for active co-owners

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